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Packtech includes several flexible packaging materials used for industrial, agricultural, consumer and other goods. It ranges from synthetic bags used for industrial packaging to jute sacks used for packing food grains.
The technical textile products covered under Packtech are as given below:-

  • Polyolefin woven sacks
  • FIBC
  • Leno bags
  • Wrapping fabric
  • Jute hessian and sacks (including Food grade jute bags)
  • Soft luggage products (TT component)
  • Tea-bags

Technical textiles consumption under Packtech is estimated at Rs 14,067 crore. Woven sacks (excluding FIBC) account for around 50% of the technical textiles consumption under Packtech followed by Jute hessian and sacks (including Food grade jute bags) with around 30% share.

Utility: It provides Innovative packing solutions such as oxygen scavenging, packaging for foodstuffs and anti-static packaging for computer equipment. With the advantage of moisture proof quality they are used for packing moisture sensitive goods.

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