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Mobiltech segment of technical textiles is used in the construction of automobiles, railways, ships, aircraft and space craft. The Mobiltech products can be broadly classified into two categories Visible components and Concealed components. The visible components include seat upholstery, carpets, seat belts, headliners, airbags,etc. The concealed components include Noise Vibration and Harness (NVH) components, tyre cords, liners, etc.
The technical textile products covered under Mobiltech are as given below:-

  • Nylon tyre cord
  • Seat belt webbing
  • Airbags
  • Car body covers
  • Seat upholstery/fabric
  • Automotive carpets
  • Headliners
  • Insulation felts (NVH components)
  • Sunvisors / sunblinds
  • Helmets
  • Airline disposables
  • Webbings for aircrafts
  • Aircraft upholstery
  • Railways seating fabrics

Technical textiles consumption under Mobiltech is estimated at Rs 3,158 crore. Nylon tyre cord accounts for over 60% of the total technical textile consumption in the segment followed by seat upholstery / fabric with a share of around 13%. Insulation felts and helmets have a share of around 5-10% each in the total Mobiltech consumption.

Utility: It provides good performance and safety, reduce the weight of the car, enhance the comfort and aesthetics and provide advanced insulation, fire retardancy and resistance to water, fuels, extremes of temperature and abrasion.

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