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Indutech includes technical textile products used in the manufacturing sector. The technical textile products covered under Indutech are given below:-

  • Conveyor belts (TT component)
  • Drive belts (TT component)
  • Cigarette filter rods
  • Decatising cloth
  • Bolting cloth
  • AGM glass battery separators
  • Coated abrasives (TT component)
  • Ropes & cordages
  • Composites (technical textiles component)
  • Printed circuit boards (TT component)
  • Computer printer ribbon
  • Paper making fabrics
  • Filteration Products

Technical textiles consumption under Indutech in India is estimated at around Rs 2,326 crore. Printed circuit boards, AGM battery separators and other applications of fibre glass constitute around one-third of the technical textiles usage in Indutech valued at Rs 743 crore in 2007-08 and are expected to grow at over 17% year on year. Ropes and cordages account for around 30% share in the Indutech segment valued at Rs 669 crore in 2007-08. Computer printer ribbon, filtration products, conveyor belts & drive belts, cigarette filters are the other key products in the segment each accounting for around 8-10% of the segment. Overall, the domestic consumption of technical textiles under Indutech is expected to increase from around Rs 2,326 crore in 2007-08 to around Rs 4,090 crore by 2012-13 growing at a CAGR of around 12%. The total segment imports are Rs 859 crore and account for one third of the total domestic consumption. The exports are worth Rs 762 crore and account for around 35% of the total production.

Utility: With advanced Indutech products like Nonwoven nano fibre filtration media is now filling the micro-filtration performance gap that had existed in the past, offering benefits such as enhanced air quality, reduced energy cost, and longer service life.

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