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Agrotech includes technical textile products used in agriculture, horticulture (incl. floriculture), fisheries and forestry. Applications for technical textiles in agriculture include all activities concerned with the growing and harvesting of crops and animals.
The technical textile products covered under Agrotech are given below:-

  • Shade-nets
  • Mulch-mats
  • Crop-covers
  • Anti-hail nets and bird protection nets
  • Fishing nets

Technical textiles consumption under Agrotech in India is estimated at around Rs 487 crore. Fishing nets constitute over 90% of the Agrotech technical textiles usage valued at Rs 442 crore in 2007-08 and are expected to grow at 5 % year on year for the next five years.

Utility: Agrotextiles are beneficial in terms of increase in yield, lesser crop diseases, soil borne pathogens control, water saving, weed control, etc. It improves the quality of the crops. The growth of the plants is accelerated and they are protected from adverse weather conditions and vermin.

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